1 Lovesong


1984, realization: Thomas Krempke and Christoph Schaub, 15 mins, Betamax, color, 9 mins (excerpts), original online: video collection Stadt in Bewegung (Swiss Social Archive and Memoriav) and on the Züri brännt DVD

Documentary about the history and eviction of the squatted building on Badenerstrasse 2 at Stauffacher in the context of the City of Zurich’s housing policies. The focus is on the political debates with the council and the demands of the new urban movement. Apart from the political issues, the scene culture is reflected in masks, happenings, and music.

Voice-over commentary
On January 1, 1985 pension funds—the so-called second pillar—will become obligatory. Anyone with an income of over 15,000 francs will be forced to join. This will amount to 15 billion every year. “What are we supposed to do with this money?” the presidents of the pension funds are asking themselves. The answer is simple: one third in stocks, one third in loans, and one third in real estate. Which means that every year 5 billion are channeled into construction. That’s fifty brandnew shopping centers per year or 10 million bottles of champagne. This money avalanche as well as the foreign capital invested in Switzerland are the reasons for the construction fever that is spreading among the citizens. Today the Stauffacher—tomorrow the world.