Der Rest ist Risiko


1987, realization: Sus Zwick, 28 mins, U-matic low band, color, 7 mins (excerpts), original online: video collection Stadt in Bewegung (Swiss Social Archive and Memoriav)

Documentary about political resistance after the chemical disaster of Basel/Schweizerhalle of 1986. Political actions, hearings, art and poster interventions, protests, etc., express how anxious and voiceless the public felt at the time.

Young woman scientist at an assembly
The mania of men. The trust we have placed in the people in charge in science and politics has turned out to be life threatening. I realize that scientific statements count for nothing anymore if they are used to lie. We cannot trust in science anymore. Statistics can be used to prove anything, depending on the perspective. This hits me especially hard, because I work in science myself, I am a part of this system and participate in the unrelenting struggle for women to find their place in this system, for women with their specific viewpoints, lifestyles, and reasoning to find a legitimate place and to be given their space.