Dschoint ventschr

1987, 70 mins, produced by Dschoint Ventschr, U-matic, color, German and English version, 9 mins (excerpts, english),  and available on DVD from Dschoint Ventschr. Original preserved (but not online) in the video collection Stadt in Bewegung (Swiss Social Archive and Memoriav).

In this video comic, the hero—inspired by Freud, Marx, and Bogart—is being cast away from Zurich over Casablanca, Portofino, and Moscow to the top of Rigi: arms trades, KGB, and mountain fever plague him, but his investigative sense for the supernatural makes him dance over the abyss and finally fall for the beguiling scent of his client.

Dialogue between two billiard balls, one is Heisenberg (H), the other one Einstein (E), in the bar “La règle du jeu” (anywhere)
H    It is how it is, dearest Einstein, the energy of a subatomic particle at a given point in time cannot be defined, just as the exact time at which a particle reaches a certain energy cannot be measured.
E    Dear Heisenberg, while I do understand the uncertainty principle, please consider the consequences: What becomes of a world in which causes don’t have any obvious effects anymore? All these “uncertainties” and “probabilities”??? I mean, you are not aware of your responsibility towards society.
H    But dear Einstein, the NEW THINKING is on the rise: in literature, in film, erratic associations everywhere, settings suddenly change, heroes stumble upon bodies …
E    Nonsense, that’s why you are so popular with the NEW AGE (movement)!
H    Huh??
E    Yes, yes, with these “voodoo” evangelists that are suddenly popping up everywhere.
H    Wuuduu what? Dearest Einstein, you know that I have no interest in politics …
E    That’s precisely what I mean, running to your own demise with your eyes closed …