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Cities on the Move and Urban Riots

Christoph Burkhard and Heinz Nigg (Eds.)

2001/2017, 45 mins, with English subtitles, available through www.av-produktionen.ch

To make the video archive “Stadt in Bewegung” known to a wider public, the compilation Stadt in Bewegung—urbane Revolten (Cities on the move and urban riots) was created, with the support of Memoriav, the Association for the preservation of the audiovisual heritage of Switzerland. The compilation focuses on the youth riots and the urban movements of the 1980s. The DVD was enclosed with the book Wir wollen alles, und zwar subito! (Heinz Nigg, Zurich: Limmat Verlag, 2001). While the book is out of print, it is still available as an e-book.

With excerpts from:
Leben in die tote Fabrik (Projektgruppe Community Media, Zurich 1980), Opernhaus-Krawall (Projektgruppe Community Media, Zurich 1980), Züri brännt (Videoladen, Zurich 1981), Sobern 1 + 2 (Container TV, Bern 1980), Es herrscht wieder Friede im Land (Videogenossenschaft Basel, Basel 1981), Gwalt (Godzilla & Co, Zurich 1981), Keine Zeiten sich auszuruhn (Videoladen, Zurich 1981), Schwimmdemo (Videoladen, Zurich 1981), 1 Lovesong (Videoladen, Zurich 1984), Kokon (Videoladen, Zurich 1985), Dampf dezentral (Video-Stadt, Bern 1987), Alte Stadt ohne Gärtnerei (Martin Streckeisen, Basel 1988), Kleine grosse Tagträume (Videowerkstatt, Zurich 1986), Kanzleispot (Videowerkstatt, Zurich 1990), Bäcki bleibt (Verein Punst + Kolitik, Zurich 1991), and Barcelette (Reno Sami, Zurich 1994).

Video Art, Music and Scene Culture of the 1980s

Heinz Nigg (Ed.)

2017, 30 mins, available through www.av-produktionen.ch
A compilation of art, music, and scene videos from the Stadt in Bewegung video archive. The videos were created by artists, who in the 1980s engaged with topics of urban landscapes and scene culture in different locations through art, happenings, music, poetry, experimental film, or comics.

Videos in full length or in excerpts:
00:00: Start. 00:23: Jumps (Jürg Egli, New York 1981), 05:01: Fire and Ice (Tom Skapoda and Video-Stadt, Bern 1985), 07:02: Do You Think about Harry? (Tom Skapoda and Video-Stadt, Bern 1986), 10:58: Diary (YACH, New York 1986), 15:28: Viewers of Optics (Alexander Hahn, New York 1987), 20:55: Moonshine Baby (Andrea Caprez, Pierre Mennel, Baby Jail, and Videowerkstatt in cooperation with Videoladen, Zurich 1988), 23:30: Tiny People (Andrea Caprez, Manù Hophan, and Videoladen, Zurich 1988), 27:25: Le jour se lève (Pierre Mennel and Videowerkstatt, Zurich 1992).