La conquête du temps libre


1992, realization: Alex Mayenfisch and Madeleine Denisart, 52 mins, French audio, Betacam SP, color, 15 mins (excerpts), original online: website of Radio Télévision Suisse (> Climage)

Swiss people are known for their zealous work ethics, which has become somewhat of a national stereotype also internationally. In the postwar years, these ethics were confronted with a new reality—that of leisure. The generation who experienced this shift of values had to find a way for themselves to assimilate to a new mode of spending their time. This story is told by people who were witnesses to this shift. The film also travels in time through the film archives, predominantly using amateur material from the 1920s through to the 1960s.

Press commentary
For a young generation who cannot imagine a life without holidays, this film is astonishing; it is delightful for those who were part of this revolution and will fascinate those willing to take the time to let themselves be swept away by the rhythm of the images. (TV 8)
    The film provides us with the inspiration to think about what’s next, i.e., about the present. (VO réalités)
    The film’s true significance lies in its testimonies by contemporary witnesses. They revive an era where each day of freedom brought new discoveries. (Le Nouveau Quotidien)
    The film judiciously puts progress and social achievements into context. (L’Express)